The Crab followers of the kami Hida, have fulfilled the difficult duty of defending the Empire against the threat of the Shadowlands. Their territory is the southernmost lands of the Empire many of which are encapsulated in mountainous terrains that are good for defense but horrible for food production. Under normal circumstances, they would be able to feed their soldiers and people without trouble but the constant fielding of the second largest standing army in the Empire puts significant strain on their resources. Fortunately the plentiful iron mines and swordsmiths allow the Crab to trade for food and other resources from other clans of the Empire.

The constant monstrous foes that the clan faces affords them little time for courtly nicities or time to enjoy cultural pursuits. This fosters an attitude that disdains the other clans for their ‘niceties’ and prefer to appreciate those that exhibit strength. It should be noted that the Crab’s value of strength goes beyond the physical. A samurai who has the strength to follow her pacifistic ideal will garner the same amount of respect from the Crab as a tenacious warrior.

Families of the Crab


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