No other clan has as many shugenja in their ranks or as powerful then the Phoenix. The Phoenix are anomalous amongst the clans of the Empire. Despite the Clan Champion being a Shiba, the vassal family Isawa has always directed the affairs of the clan. Most clans have one signature shugneja family whereas the Phoenix have three, with only one predominately bushi family. They are a clan the professes pacifism in an Empire of warriors.

The lands of the Pheonix are far in the north-eastern parts of the empire largely protected by mountain ranges on their boarders, leaving only a few provinces to border other clans. This has afforded them the opportunity to pursue more scholarly pursuits and continue their dominance in magic.

They embraced the Tao of Shinsei more than any other clans save perhaps the Dragon. It is said that their libraries of knowledge and history are only rivaled by those of the Ikoma. The Phoenix have always considered themselves the stewards of all magical and spiritual arts in the Empire.

Families of the Pheonix:


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