The Wasp Minor Clan was founded when Tsuruchi who had been betrayed by both the Lion and the Scorpion stormed and took the castle that should have been his birthright from his uncle. He left no one alive. He pled his case to the Emerald Champion who had a distaste for both clans involved. He exonerated Tsuruchi and gave him leave to form his own clan.

The Wasp clan joined the Three Man Alliance to protect themselves against their larger neighbors. The clan utilized ranged combat and their school produces some of the deadliest archers. The Wasp used this skill often to defeat superior forces.

During the Clan War, Yoritomo approached the Three Man Alliance to form a large alliance. Later then the Mantis were elevated to the status of Great Clan, the Tsuruchi were transformed from a minor clan to a great family of the Mantis Clan.



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