The Agasha were once a shugneja family of the Dragon. They had originally begun as historians and diviners on the direction the clan should take. When the First War began the Isawa sent eldersto teach the other clans how to do magic and the Agasha were the ones who took up that calling.

They worked closely with the Mirumoto creating a blend of forces that could work well together. This led to a philosophy that there was always something to learn and a teacher could present itself in the unlikely of places.

During the Shadow War, when the Champion HItomi became corrupted the bulk of the Agasha broke from the Dragon and took refuge with the nearby Pheonix. The Pheonix who had been devastated during the Great Clan Wars happily took them.

Regulated to the least productive lands of the Shiba and still maintaining much of the practices they used during their days with the Dragon, the Agasha have not endeared themselves with the rest of their clan.



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