It is said that when Shiba died he came to Asako and not an Isawa to impart to her the wisdom of Shinsei and the secret of mankind. When the Isawa found out they were furious and tensions between the families have been high ever since. Yet, this has not stopped the Asako from pursuing what they believe to be the great charge given to them by Shiba and the Little Teacher.

Similar to the Ise Tsumi the Asako are mostly made up of monks that share the same rank as samurai. The monks contemplate the riddles surrounding the secret of mankind and how humanity as a whole may achieve enlightenment and evolve.

Those that do not feel the calling to a monastic lifestyle instead focus on the other mandate given to them by Shiba, the collection and recording of history. The Asako more then any others in the Empire have had a single minded purposes in collecting all they can in recording and maintaining the collected histories of the Empire. They often work with the Ikoma in these pursuits.



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