When the Empire was faced with the threat of the First War and the advancement of Fu Leng, the Kami Shiba knew he needed to gather up followers that could add something to the war. While his brother Hida and Akodo found soldiers, Shiba found a tribe of magic users names the Isawa. Their powerful magics could be used to aid in the conflict but they had no interest in serving anyone else, especially one of the fallen Kami. They did not see the danger and felt that they could handle any threat once it reached them. After much conversation and pleading they offered Shiba a choice, if he would bend a knee and serve the Isawa then they would lend their aid to the infant Empire.
Shiba knelt.

With this selfless act, Shiba secured the future of the Empire and the Phoenix were born. His descendants take on the role of defenders of the clan. They serve as bodyguards and protectors of the powerful shugenja in their ranks. While not sharing completely the pacifism of their fellow clansmen, Shiba are known to attempt negotiation and exhaust all peaceful resolutions before engaging in armed conflict.

The Shiba are also the only family and clan that does not rely on hereditary for the succession of its Daimyo. Instead it is said that the clan’s ancestral sword chooses the next Champion and all in the clan and family recognize who the sword chooses. It is said that the Shiba will always show up where they are needed the most.



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